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Ensuring a clean environment with energy-efficient and innovative exhaust air purification systems - that is the motto of Uviblox GmbH. We offer  special plants and systems for cleaning exhaust air from industrial production processes and from wastewater treatment plants.

The combination of innovative technologies and various cleaning processes enables energy-efficient and cost-effective removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odors from exhaust air streams.

In addition to established applications such as adsorption on activated carbon, gas scrubbing, catalytic and thermal oxidation, uviblox GmbH offers the innovative process of photo-oxidation for the purification of exhaust air streams.

Until now, the treatment of large volume flows with low VOC concentrations was only possible with a large energy input. The patented process from uviblox offers decisive advantages here. In this process, the pollutants are concentrated and then oxidized in a smaller secondary circuit by high-energy UV-C light. Through photo-oxidation, the VOC such as: Alcohols, organic acids or BTEX are chemically transformed and lose their harmful effects.

UV technology from uviblox is also successfully used for the disinfection of microbially contaminated exhaust air streams. Bacteria, viruses and fungal spores are rendered harmless and the environment is protected from contamination with pathogens.

In addition to the modular design in series production for standard applications, our strengths lie in the development and realization of individual, customized solutions, which are precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Uviblox - exhaust air treatment from one hand

We offer the complete range of services, from consulting and planning to construction and commissioning of the plant. Furthermore, we offer the operation of the plant for your company and thus ensure the highest availability of the systems. We are also happy to support you in optimizing and supplementing existing systems to comply with stricter limit values.

The exhaust air purification systems are manufactured by our qualified employees in our own workshop. Our uviblox team of experienced engineers and technicians is also available internationally for service and maintenance work.

Durch den Austausch mit Universitäten, wissenschaftlichen Instituten und Fachgremien entwickeln wir unsere Produkte und Verfahren ständig weiter, um die Ansprüche unserer Kunden zu erfüllen.

The demand for energy-efficient and reliable solutions for exhaust air purification is steadily increasing, not only in German-speaking countries. Therefore, uviblox GmbH operates internationally and is supported by our regional cooperation partners.

The uviblox GmbH, based in Berlin, is a 100% subsidiary of Harbauer GmbH.

For over 30 years, Harbauer GmbH has been developing and operating innovative systems to protect the environment and eliminate existing contaminations in ecosystems in order to remove pollutants from air, water and soil. Harbauer offers process engineering solutions for the purification of water, soil and air, from planning to construction and operation in the fields of contaminated site remediation, drinking and process water treatment.

Uviblox your partner for exhaust air treatment systems


We take care of your concerns around the topic of cleaning of exhaust air streams. If you have any questions or would like individual advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.