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Soil air purification - exhaust system with UV stage

Chemical industry - landfill

Ressources: Soil, Air

Flow rate: 1.250 (m3/h)

Pollutants: BTEX, Volatile halogenated hydrocarbons, Methane, Silane, Siloxane

Processes: Activated Carbon, UV oxidation

In operation since:

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

Chemische Industrie - Deponie

Background infomation

A former landfill was overbuilt and has since been subject to commercial use. Polluted soil air comes out of the subsoil due to biological processes. As part of a three-month pilot test, the treatment of the soil air using an extraction system with a UV stage was determined to be the most cost-effective option compared to other methods such as activated carbon filtration. Since then, we have been operating the plant permanently.

Uviblox® FOX Soil air treatment system

For targeted extraction of the soil air, the landfill body is secured so that the surrounding buildings remain free of contaminated air. An extensive measuring technology ensures a permanent logging of the landfill pollutants. In addition to the continuous processing of the main components to values of 20 mg/m³, organosilicon substances are also deposited. The core component of the system, which is designed for a UV reactor for fully automatic and continuous operation. A downstream activated carbon filter ensures increased operational reliability.

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