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Exhaust air purification of solvent-containing exhaust air in chemical industry

Chemical industry - manufacturer of sealants

Ressources: Air

Flow rate: 12.000 (m3/h)

Pollutants: Odors, VOC

Processes: Adsorption, Catalytic oxidation, UV oxidation

In operation since:

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

Hersteller von Dichtstoffe

Background information

From the chemical industry for sealing and solvent-containing exhaust air precipitates out production areas and cleaning work. Due to the odor pollution from an adjacent residential area and the fluctuating pollutant concentration curves at a low level, the patented regenerative process provides uviblox® FOX, compared to thermal afterburning, which represents a cost-effective and safe alternative for the customer.

Exhaust air treatment system uviblox® FOX

The mainstream of 12,000 m³/h loaded with VOC is alternately conducted via two parallel adsorption stages. In this case, the fluctuating VOC loads are completely separated to 50 mgC/m³ by adsorption by means of a suitable adsorbent. The outgoing exhaust air permanently meets the required clean air limit values.

Even before the adsorbent is exhausted, a second parallel, fresh adsorption stage is carried out switch. The first stage is regenerated in the regeneration cycle. In this case, the pollutants are desorbed from the adsorbent and passed through a UV photooxidation stage and a subsequent catalyst stage before they return to the adsorption stage.

As a result of the energy input of the UV radiation, the circulating air heats up to operating temperatures, which are necessary for the desorption and regeneration of the adsorbent and for the operation of the catalyst stage.

The process has very low operating costs since there are no other costs besides electricity. Heat recovery can also be used to significant operating costs are saved.

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