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Purification of exhaust air containing methanol

Medical technology

Ressources: Air

Flow rate: 5.000 (m3/h)

Pollutants: Methanol

Processes: Activated Carbon, UV oxidation

In operation since: Jan 2023

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

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The TA Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) specifies a maximum concentration of 20 mg/m³ for methanol. The exhaust air produced during the cleaning of medical lenses has a methanol concentration of 185 mg/m³ and thus exceeds the limit values many times over. In order to comply with the TA Luft regulations and to protect the environment, a reliable state-of-the-art system was to be designed. Preliminary tests have shown that direct photo-oxidation in combination with a downstream activated carbon filter meets these requirements.

Abluftreinigungsanlage uviblox® FOX

The system consists of a UV stage with 120 low-pressure UV-C lamps with an output of 220 W each. In order to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, groups of lamps are switched on and off when methanol concentrations fluctuate, and the flow rate of the fan is adjusted. This increases the energy efficiency of the system and reduces CO2 emissions. The downstream honeycomb activated carbon serves as a residual ozone destructor (ROV) and simultaneously as a filter during peak loads. Thus, even at peak concentrations of up to 300 mg/m³, the limit values are complied with, while at the same time the plant is still very compact.

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