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Exhaust air purification system for odor reduction of exhaust gas containing CHC

Groundwater remediation plant – Harbauer GmbH

Ressources: Groundwater, Air

Flow rate: 1000 (m3/h)

Pollutants: Benzene, CHC, Vinyl chloride

Processes: UV oxidation

In operation since: Nov 2022

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

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The groundwater, which is primarily contaminated with the carcinogenic vinyl chloride, should be purified by a state-of-the-art process. UV oxidation plants can effectively eliminate the VC and offer decisive advantages due to their low-maintenance and easy-to-operate design and construction. Due to its modular design, the plant could be adapted exactly to the specific requirements and thus represents a space-saving and cost-effective solution.

CHC purification from exhaust air by means of catalytic oxidation

First, the CHCs are transferred from the groundwater into the gas phase. A two-stage countercurrent desorption system is used for this. The process air enriched with CHCs is now preheated and then passed through the UV reactor. After a residence time of a few seconds inside the reactor, the CHCs are reduced to such an extent that the air can be released into the environment. The UV reactor is divided into ten stages, each of which can be switched on and off in the event of fluctuating input concentrations in order to ensure the most economical operation possible. Continuous measurements ensure the effectiveness of the system.

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