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Exhaust air purification plant for the elimination of VOC emissions

Pharmaceutical industry

Ressources: Air

Flow rate: 18.000 (m3/h)

Pollutants: VOC

Processes: UV oxidation

In operation since:

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

Pharmazeutische Industrie

Background infomation

The company manufactures finished medicinal products and specializes in the development and production of solid dosage forms up to primary and secondary packaging, including the production and packaging of clinical trial samples.

Exhaust air treatment system uviblox® FOX

In pharmaceutical granulation or fluidized bed drying, solvents are sprayed on and thus enter the environment with the exhaust air. VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) are generated to a considerable extent.

The main components are currently ethanol and, in the future, also acetone and isopropanol, with a pollutant concentration of up to 7,000 mgC/Nm³ and a volume flow of 18,000 Nm³/h.

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