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Exhaust air extraction and treatment of a large sewage treatment plant

Wastewater treatment – StEB Köln

Ressources: Municipal wastewater, Air

Flow rate: 2 x 10.500 (m3/h)

Pollutants: Odors, H₂S

Processes: Activated Carbon, UV oxidation

In operation since: Feb 2023

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

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At the Cologne-Stammheim large-scale sewage treatment plant, the exhaust air is specifically collected at various process stages and cleaned by various exhaust air treatment plants. Due to many years of use of the existing exhaust air treatment plants, operational and wear damage occurred in various areas of the plant. The required operational safety is only possible with increased effort. The measure includes the construction of a new exhaust air treatment plant for the exhaust air areas of high-load activation and return sludge pumping station, including mechanical equipment, measurement, control and regulation technology. In addition to exhaust air extraction, the goal is to reduce odour emissions to < 300 GE/m³.

Exhaust air purification system uviblox® FOX

The exhaust air is freed from aerosols and suspended matter by upstream droplet separators and particle filters. This serves to protect the downstream UV stage and avoids contamination by solids and liquid droplets. The pre-cleaned exhaust air then enters the UV reactor, where the pollutants and odours are broken down by photo-oxidation. A downstream residual ozone destroyer supports the elimination of odorous substances and prevents excess ozone from leaving the exhaust air purification system.

The purified exhaust air is discharged into the environment via a chimney and meets the required clean gas values of < 300 GE/m³. The stainless steel design of the housing allows for outdoor installation. The compact design results in a very low space requirement. The use of modern MSR technology enables the monitoring and control of the systems from the central control room.

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