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Cleaning of exhaust air containing solvents (VOC)

Chemical industry – Nitrochemie Aschau GmbH

Ressources: Air

Flow rate: 5.500 (m3/h)

Pollutants: VOC

Processes: Adsorption, UV oxidation

In operation since: Aug 2015

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

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During the production of propellant charges in the civil and military sector, exhaust air containing solvents (VOCs) is released. The resulting vapours are extracted via the exhaust air duct and were previously eliminated by means of a thermal afterburning system. This was replaced by a new plant with uviblox technology. Both direct and regenerative photo-oxidation are used.

Direkte und regenerative uviblox FOX-Anlage zur Reinigung von VOC-haltigen Abluftströmen

The exhaust air streams with low to medium VOC concentrations (3,900 Nm³/h from painting, 325 Nm³/h from PU dosing and paint preparation) are cleaned in the regenerative photo-oxidation process using an adsorption wheel without changing the temperature. The VOCs are continuously adsorbed and desorbed. The desorption air stream with the concentrated VOC load is mixed with the exhaust air partial stream with a high VOC concentration (1,425 Nm³/h from impregnation), irradiated with UV light and then catalytically oxidised at a combustion temperature of approx. 250-300°. The process heat released in the process is used to heat the desorption volume flow and to preheat the catalyst.

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