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Catalytic oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs)

Groundwater remediation plant – Harbauer GmbH

Ressources: Groundwater, Air

Flow rate: 400 (m3/h)

Pollutants: CHC

Processes: Catalytic oxidation

In operation since: Jul 2021

KF Company: uviblox GmbH

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Within the scope of a groundwater remediation plant of Harbauer GmbH for the removal of hydrocarbons in the groundwater, uviblox supplied a system for the catalytic oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons from the exhaust air of a compact stripper as well as a reaction tank.

CHC purification from exhaust air with means of catalytic oxidation

The catalytic oxidation system from Harbauer conveys 400 Nm³/h of exhaust air from the process stages of the groundwater purification plant. To lower the relative humidity, the air is heated by means of a heating coil to avoid condensation of the CHCs, since hydrochloric acid (HCl) is produced during condensation, which is highly aggressive towards all materials. The air then flows through a heat exchanger primarily to use the heat from the secondary exhaust air flow. The remaining energy to heat the air to catalyst inlet temperature is generated by an electric heating coil. The inlet temperature to the catalyst is approximately 500°C. The reaction in the catalyst is only minimally exothermic, so that energy must be constantly supplied.

The system is made entirely of stainless steel to minimise corrosion. Furthermore, the plant has been optimised for dead spaces, as these represent a high risk for condensation of the hydrochloric acid.

The plant was completely manufactured on a stainless steel frame and only placed on site and connected to the supply and discharge pipelines.

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